About Shanlax Ventures

Shanlax Publications

College / University lecturers are in need to publish their Ph.D. thesis / Lecture Notes (syllabus oriented) and their unpublished Ph.D. Thesis Published with ISBN.
Private books like textbooks, medicinal, self development and general books are also published with ISBN.
National or International Seminar volumes are published with ISBN.

Shanlax International Journals

With the initiation of eminent Professors, erudites and veteran Research Scholars who are keen on highlighting the salient features of the latest developments in all the disciplines mentioned above. The SIJs are meant for promoting by interest of the blooming and prospective writers.
The Panel of Shanlax International Journal is constituted by pre eminent scholars who have left their foot print in all prominence. The articles published in the SIJs are intended to give an exposure to the Research Scholars pursuing their investigations at Ph.D. level.
The editors of SIJs are even prepared to give orientation training to the Research Scholars so as to help them write articles which are above board only on the week end for a short spell of six hours.
The Management of SIJs is anxious and very particular that there must be outstanding personalities who are adept in journalistic writing. You will be delighted to know that SIJs is interested in releasing special editions concerned with seminars / symposiums / proceedings at Institutional, State and International level with ISSN.

Shanlax Research

Ph.D Thesis typing, correction, page setting work done according to the Anna University Norms and Regulations with Latest Amendments. Printing and binding work done with high quality, Anna University prescribed specifications.
90% of thesis marked as no comments or no corrections in alignment (“Inch Committee” Report) in Anna University. PhD Synopsis, A4 and A5 copy work undertaken at Shanlax.
Only place, where we assign Job Card and maintain status of the work then and there and also having facility of “Fix Your Appointment”. Ph.D. works are executed by our Exclusive “Ph.D. Thesis Team”. Hassle free working environment with 100% customer satisfaction. Get your appointment through Phone / Email and finish all your thesis work by email itself.
We’ll dispatch the finished books through courier service also. Payment may be received in our Bank Account. Assurance of 100% safety of Thesis soft copy.

Shanlax Press

Shanlax Press is now breathing for “Your Printing Comfort”. At present, we are flying with new technological wings harnessing sophisticated technologies. We undertaking digital printing (Print on Demand), Multi color offset printing preoccupy our work which is being carried out in the extended premises, “All Under One Roof”. We offered wide range of service like designing, typesetting and page setting of magazines, books and seminar volumes.