ASH Volume 1 Issue 2

October 2013 – ISSN: 2321-788X

I am the Most Significant
Swami Dayananda
Devotion in South India: Chola Bronzes
Magic Squares
Isola Rajagopalan
Computer Professional Ethics in Present Scenario
N Subburaj
Implementation of RFID Technology in Library – Book Exhausting and Retrieval for Readers
P Chellappandi, S Sivankalai
Impact of Eco Tourism in Sustainable Economic Development
R Sathiya Bama, R Uma Rani
Women Empowerment through Self Help Groups
V Muruganandam, P Sundara pandian
Environmental Studies
N Kanniah
Political Participation of Youth and Role of Mass Media
P G Suresh Babu
Tribal Development Administration in Tamil Nadu
J Joyce Martha
Women’s Property Rights – Role of Women Leaders in Tamilnadu
N Neela, R Sathiyabama
Mahalir Thittam – A Superior Source for Women Empowerment – A Study in Madurai District
K Jeyakodi, M Alagupriya
A Study on Customers Service in Retail Outlets in Madurai City
V Suresh Babu, R Alagesan
Beyond Seeing and Believing: Religious Ethos as Cultural Territory of Social Inclusion For Exclusion
S Lourdunathan
The Imperative of Social Self by Rethinking About Thought About Self
S Lourdunathan