ASH Volume 1 Issue 3

January 2014 – ISSN: 2321-788X

Efficacy of Comprehensive Psychotherapeutic Intervention on Anxiety among Chronic Low Back Pain Patients
M V Sudhakaran, Tarannum Mushtaq
Cultural Habits of Irula Tribe
M A Sivaraman
Gender Equality and Its Significance
R Sathiya bama, N Neela
Attitude of Students Towards Entrepreneurship Education
S Ilayaraja, R Menaka
Fostering Will-Power
Isola Rajagopalan
Tamil Teaching Methodology
R Nithya
Thinking Style
Saradha Sankararaman
The Effects of Yogic Practices and Physical Exercises on the select Physiological Bio-Chemical and Psychological Variables among Diabetic Patients
S R V Ravindran
Car Loan by Commercial Banks – Consumer Attitudes’ on Schemes
M Muthukumar
Usage of ICT among Post Graduate Students of Arumugam Pillai Seethai Ammal College-Tiruppathur
J Santhi, S Jeyachitra
Communal Harmony – The Need of the Hour
R Ravichandran
Multimedia Applications in Digital Environments of College Libraries
V Vanankamudi, P Padma
Production and Promotion of Milk in Madurai District – An View
S A Shamsudeen Ibrahim
Postmodern Epistemic Trends and the Dialectics of Nagarjuna’s Epistemology
S Lourdunathan