ASH Volume 3 Issue 1

July 2015 – ISSN: 2321-788X

Knowledge and Action
Swamy Dayananda
Human Rights – Ethics an Overview
V Gayathri
An Efficient Algorithm to Design DFA that Accept Strings over the Input Symbol a, b, c Having Atmost X Number of a, Y Number of b & Z Number of c
S Shanmugavadivoo, M Kamaraj
Comparison Between National and International Education
P Karthikeyan
Tsunami Management – A Special Reference to Kanyakumari District
A Alagumalai
Morphological Based Watershed Segmentation to Detect Brain Blood Clot
J Jennifer, K Perumal
Virtualization Security in Cloud Computing
S Srividhya, R Rathinasabapathy
The Criminal Tribes (Denotified) Settlements in Madras Presidency – A Study
N Neela, G Ambrosia
Consumer Preference to Mobile Phone Services in Tiruvarur District
P Asokan
Brain Tumor Classification Based on Neural Network and Region Growing Segmentation
N P Navena, K Perumal
Impact of Religion and Temple on Society
V Kathiresan, V Rajamani
A Study of Emerging Pattern and Consumer Purchase Behaviour in Organized Retail Outlets – With Special Reference to Madurai District
R Menaka, I Siva Shobana
A Novel Algorithm to Minimize False Alarm in Network Intrusion Detection System
S Prabavathi, M Rathnasabapathy
Impacts of Sustainable Cultural Tourism in Fort Kochi, Kerala
Jose Bejoy, R Kannan
Contribution of Eminent Women for the Welfare of Women
K Rajeswari
FDI Inflows in India
P Mohamed Idris
Physico-Chemical and Organoleptic Evaluation of Dahi Prepared with Betel Leaf Extract
G M Sivakumar, B Dhanalakshmi
Job Satisfaction among Library Professionals Working in Academic Institutions in Madurai District
T S Premish Priya