ASH Volume 3 Issue 3

January 2016 – ISSN: 2321-788X

Impact of Total Quality Management in Academic Libraries
M Santhoshkumar, N Murugesapandiyan
Reborn Russian Imperialism: An Argument For The Western Liberalist Intervention in Ukraine
Ameen M Basha, K S Premila
Position of Common Women’s Under The Imperial Cholas
N Asha Devi
Sinclair Ross’ “As for Me and My House”: Clinical Depression in Mrs.Bentley
Jisha V Nair
Human Resource Management- Performance Appraisal
S Ramasamy
Maharaja Serfoji Ii -The Famous Thanjavur Maratha King
S Vanajakumari
Characteristics of Inter-Regional Income Disparities in India – 2001 to 2011
O Shiji
Quality Assurance in Indian Higher Education
S Julei, N Pugalenthi
Potential Tourism in Thoothukudi District
R Malar Mani
Dynamic Method For Improving The Resistance in Compression by Using Watermarking
J Thasleen Fathima
Pragmatic Revision on Diverse Mobility Managing Patterns
Mohan, S Thabasu Kannan
Evolution of Technology in The Banking Sector
S Akilandeswari, AL Malliga
Life Insurance Industry in India
R Sukithar
A Study on The Performance and Evaluation of Small Scale Industries in Sivagangai District: An Entrepreneurial Perspective
N Mohan Raj, S Amutha
A Study on Customers Attitude towards Passenger Car in Mumbai City (with Special Reference to Santacruz Area)
Mohammed Zainuddin Khan, S Rajendran
Customer Satisfaction towards TVS Bikes in Madurai City
S Ramamoorthy
Thirst For Women’s Identity in Mahesh Dattani’s Tara
B Kathiresan, P Xavier
Cellsense-An Accurate GSM Positioning System Based on Android
S Reena
Indian Agriculture: Performance and Challenges – A Case Study
A Study on Team Building Attitude among Women Self Help Group Members in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
R Baskar, D Manikandan
Developing Communication Skills through Expository Writing For Teacher Educators
J Augustus Richard
Effects of Aerobic Training and Anaerobic Training Followed by Cessation on 800 Meters Running Performance
G Raghavan
A Study on Extent of Utilisation of Agricultural Credit by The Small Farmers in Madurai District
S Ganesan
Analysis of Socio-Economic Background of Tourists in Madurai District
V Suresh Babu
Quality and Shelf Life Assessment of Snack Food Prepared from Co-Precipitate
G M Sivakumar, B Dhanalakshmi