ASH Volume 4 Issue 3

January 2017 – ISSN: 2321-788X

Awareness of Total Quality Management of Library and Information Science Professionals: A Study
R Kathiresan, A Baladhandayutham
Influence of Cooperative Learning Method on The Academic Achievement of Biology
J Ambethkar, M Manivannan
Self Help Groups of Mahalirthittam in Madurai-A Study
N Asha Devi
Big Data and Libraries: Prophecy of Vannever Bush
P Ramkumar, Kannan
Health Mission – A Systematic View
P Selvam
Origin And Development Of Museums In India
T Chandrasekaran
Preview of Public Expenditure in India in the Recent Past Decades
P Muthuramu, T Uma Maheswari
Psychological Factors Affectingentrepreneurship – An Empirical study
N L V N Raja Sekhar, P Srithar
Impact on Demonetization in India
J Khaja Nizamudeen
Impact of Carnatic Music on Milk Yield
J Sankar Ganesh, Anna Sadashiva
An Analysis of EVA of Selected Pharma Companies in India
S B Sathiya Moorthi, R Ramesh Kumar
Scientometric Analysis of Advances in Natural Sciences: NANO Science and NANO Technology: An International Journal
S Kandhimathinathan, G Amudha
Banks and Financial Intermediation in Emerging Asia: Reforms and Risks
P Pandian, A Mayil Murugan
Temples and Inscriptions in Shoolagiri Region – A Study
D Balaji
Linkage Between Demographic Profile of Students and Entrepreneurial Skills – An Empirical Study
T Bala Pandeeswari