ASH Volume 5 Special Issue 1 September 2017

September 2017 – ISSN: 2321-788X

Ber Performance Analysis of Mimo MC-CDMA System Using 5g Wireless Systems
J Kirubhakaran
Content Addressable Memory with Efficient Power Consumptions and Optimization of Speed
M Karthik
Double Input Buck Converter with One Cycle Control For Solar Energy
Krishnapriya, Shashidhar Kasthala
Effect of Synthesis Techniques on Size, Shape and Crystallinity of Zro2 Nanoparticles
S Jayakumar, G K D Prasanna Venkatesan, J Poongkothai
Effective Analysis of OFDM and MC-CDMA System Using Different Modulation Schemes
J Kirubhakaran
Introduction About MIMO Technology
A Yogeshwaran, N Khadar basha
Performance Comparison of Ber & SNR with AWGN and Rayleigh Channels Using Linear MIMO Receivers
J Kirubhakaran
Synthesis of Spherical Agglomerated NANO ZnO Particles by Modified Precipitation Method
S Jayakumar, G K D Prasanna Venkatesan, J Poongkothai
Thermal Plasma Spherodization of Silica from Quartzite Powder
S Jayakumar, G K D Prasanna Venkatesan, J Poongkothai
WSN Protocol Implementation Using Hybrid Method
A Vijay
Blood Groups Systems
E Veena, T Arun Kumar, D Shalini
Consumption of Bagasse ASH as an Effective Booming in Brick Material – Review
B Narendran, P Mourigokul, P Ganeshkumar, T Arunkumar
Bagasse ASH as an Effective Booming in Fly ASH Bricks- Review
M Mohankumar, G A Mothilal Tendulkar, P Ganeshkumar, T Arunkumar
Dying Effluents: A Major Pollutant of Noyyal River, Tirupur
K Divya Sri, M Manjuladevi, P Henrich
Verdict of Diabetes Mellitus
R Gabriellaroshiny, T ArunKumar
Animal Ethics and Welfare – Review
M Preetha, T ArunKumar
Optical and EPR Spectral Investigation of VO (Ii)Doped In Aqualithiumaquabis(Malonato)Zincate Lattice
K Senthil Kumaran, S Boobalan
Cauvery River’s Water Quality Index: A Study at Erode Region
S Sriharan, D Sivaraman, M Manjuladevil, P Henrich
Role of Language Lab in ESL Classrooms
T Mekala, C Vennila
Literature as a Tool in the English Language Classroom
M Ambikavathy
Innovative Methods of Teaching English Language to the Rural Students through Technology
S Subha
Quality Assurance: Learning in a Cyber-Landscape
T Asha Priya, B Jayasridevi
E-Learning as a Support Tool For English Language Teaching
J Sasirekha
English is a Big Task to Non-Native Speakers
J Vasanthasena
Cultural Conflicts in Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni’s, “Mrs.Dutta Writes a Letter”
P Lincy, R N Saraswathi
Diasporic Identity in Bharati Mukerjee’s Jasmine-A Study
P Ranju, J Aruna Angeline
Literature as a Reflection of the Society-A study
S Shalini
Inclusive of Soft Skills in English Curriculum For Engineering Students– A Study
J Aruna Angeline, R Vanitha
New Technologies in English Language Teaching
T Banuramalakshmi, S Padma priya
Effective Practices on Teaching Composition
C Divya, S Padma priya
Innovative Teaching Methods
Y R Sareena Angelin
T Banuramalakshmi, S Padma priya
English Language Teaching For Tamil Medium & Rural Students
P Geetha
English Language Communication Barriers in ICT Age
R Udhayakumar
English Language Teaching For Tamil Medium and Rural Students
S Harini
Academic Use of Social Networking Sites (SNS) Among Women Students in Arts and Science Colleges in Trichy: A Study
R Arun Pandian, C Manjula, M Karthick Kumar
Digital Preservation – An Overview
R Vijayalakshmi, B S Swaroop Rani, S Ally Sornam
Use of E-Resources by the PG Students of Arts Departments and Research Scholars of Bangalore University: A Study
Podili Anjaneyulu
Retrieval of Resources and Usage of Technology: A Study on The Views of Engineering Students of Coimbatore Region
S A Fazlur Rahiman, T Arun Kumar, D Shalini
A Survey on Internet Usage at Yadava College Library, Madurai, Tamilnadu: A Study
V Velvizhi, R U Ramasamy
Metric Research: Tools and Techniques
Shynee Martin, V Geetha
Concept and Views on User Study
R Devika Mlis
Utilization of Resources in Public Library in South Part of Tamilnadu with Reference to Virudhunagar, Tuticurin, Tirunelveli & Kanyakumari District Level
P Selva Mariammal, A Ganesa Murthy
Geα -Closed Sets in Topological Spaces
A Selvakumar
A Mathematical Analysis For Design and Development of Rudder (Biological Inspirational) For Small Floating and Fishing Vessel
Sivakumar Mayilsamy, Jayakumar, Mohammad Tanveer
Analysis of Supply Chain Risk Mitigation Using Graph Theory, Matrix Determinant Method and C Programming
S Murali, V C Thilak Rajkumar
Aluthge Transformations and Powers of P-Hyponormal Operators
S Geetha
Hall Effects on Mhd Flow in A Rotating System with Moving Horizontal Porous Plate
M Shanthi, K Palanivel
On GB#-Submaximal Spaces
N Vithya, T Arun Kumar, D Shalini
Effectiveness and Efficiency of Simulation Technique in Healthcare
A G Rose Venish
Washing Machine Automation Using Fuzzy Logic Technique
K Kaarthik, A Sridevi
Evaluation of Face Recognition Using 3d Mask
M Manikandan, P Surendar
Efficient Data Gathering Techniques in Wireless Sensor Network
C Nandagopal, S M Ramesh
A Development of Semi Autonomous Rover
N Suma, A Sahaya Jasmine Shajakar, V Santhosh, S Srinivasan, R Jamuna
Detail Study of Solar Cooker
Riby Merin John, T Arun Kumar, D Shalini
Thermal Properties of Silicon Doped Boron – Photoacoustic Spectroscopy
R Gomathy, S Jayakumar
Structural Characterization Studies of Cesium Chloride & Cesium Iodide
R Gomathy, S Jayakumar
Analysis of Conductance Spectra and Tranference Number Measurements on Polyvinyl Chloride – Ammonium Thio Cyanate Polymer Electrolyte Added with Srtio3
P Karthika, V Sasikala, B Sundaresan
Microstructure, Crystallographic and Photoluminescence Examination of Ni Doped Zno Nanoparticles Co-Doped with Co by Sol-Gel Method
S Anitha, S Muthukumaran
Portable Mobile Java Compiler
F Margret sharmila
Novel Design and Analysis of KU-KA Antenna
M Pachiyaannan
A Novel Design and Analysis of Mimo Antenna For Radar-Satcomm Applications
M Pachiyaannan, G K D Prasanna Venkatesan
A Compact UWB-MIMO Antenna For Radar Application: Design and Analysis
M Pachiyaannan, G K D Prasanna Venkatesan
Photocatalytic Effect of NANO Titania on Bacterial Destruction
S Jayakumar, R Gomathy, J Poongkothai
Optimal Rectangular Stepped Patch Antenna For Gsm Applications: Design and Analysis
M Pachiyaannan
Photocatalytic Activity of Zro2 Nanoparticles on Degradation of Rhodamine B
S Jayakumar, R Gomathy, K Senthil Kumaran, J Poongkothai
XRD Studies on Reactive Plasma Synthesized Zro2 Nanoparticles
S Jayakumar, G K D Prasanna Venkatesan, J Poongkothai
FTIR Studies on Reactive Plasma Synthesized ZrO2 Nanoparticles
S Jayakumar, G K D Prasanna Venkatesan, J Poongkothai
TEM Studies on Reactive Plasma Synthesized ZrO2 Nanoparticles
S Jayakumar, G K D Prasanna Venkatesan, J Poongkothai
Optimal Design and Analysis: Impedance Matching Characteristics Patch Antenna
M Pachiyaannan