ASH Volume 5 Special Issue 4 October 2017

October 2017 – ISSN: 2321-788X

Measuring the Level of Mental Health at School- Development of the School Mental Health Inventory (From the Perspective of Students, Teachers and Parents)
J O Jeryda Gnanajane Eljo, S Vijayalakshmi
Fear of Negative Evaluation and Social Problem Solving among Adolescents with Loco Motor Disability
B P Nirmala, Sureka Nair, N Krishna Reddy
Study on the Preponderance of Mental Health Program in Schools for A Procurable Transition- A Swift Travel to a Stormy Shore
P Anitha, A Umesh Samuel Jebaseelan
Behavioral Problems in Higher Secondary School Students of Muthupatty Village
S Alan Joseph
Nurturing Students’ Mental Health
L AnnieKavitha
Influence of Deviant Behaviour on Academic Achievement of Standard IX Students in Chennai City
V Arulselvi, S Malathi
A Conceptual Study on Deadly Online Games affecting Adolescents
S Chandni, V Sethuramalingam, S Rama Gokula Krishnan
Major Factors Affecting on School Dropouts in India
K Gangadhara Chary
The Experience of Crowding, Psychological Health: Critical Issues
P Hotwani Geetu, S K Tripathi
Mental Health of Institutionalized Children with reference to Coimbatore
A Jaya Padma
Empower the Dalit Children through Meaningful Education
A E JehanKeisar
A Study on Life Skill among High School Students in Dindigul District
R Jeyanthi
Correlates of Life Skills and Well Being among Adolescents in a Higher Secondary Residential School:An Empirical Study
S Joyce Jeyarani, A Umesh Samuel Jebaseelan
Correlates of Psyco-Social Competence Variables and Mental Health among Tribal Late Adolescents in Pachamalai Hills
M Kalaiyarasan, M Daniel Solomon
Educational System-Pattern, Structure, Curriculum, Rote Learning
L Balaji
A Study on Awareness of Reproductive Health among Adolescent Girls in North Chennai District of Tamil Nadu
T MaryAmala Priya, A Umesh Samuel Jebaseelan
Value Based Education Need for School Students in the Contemporary Society and Role of Parents and Teachers
Purnakanti Mariyamma
Nation-Building Through School Mental Health
Radha Krishnan
Mental Health of Children with Learning Disabilities
Raj Kumar, G Hema
A Comparative Study on Occupational Stress among Male and Female Primary School Teachers in Thiruvannamalai (DT)
T Kousalya, S Rachel
Single Parenting and its Impact on Self Esteem of Adolescents
S Vidhya
Adjustment of School Students- A Comparison between Male and Female Adolescents
Z Sahera Begum, T Monica, M Arul Subila
School Dropouts among Beary Community
Shaheena Kathija Ali
Home Environment and Academic Achievement among Secondary School Students in Sriperumbudur Taluk
G Sheela
Creating Supportive Environment to Promote Mental Health in School
K Shivakumarkandekar
Life Skills Development among Hostelite Secondary School Students
Sr Bridget Chelladurai
A Study on School Going Children of Widows of Alcoholics in Madapalli Village, Vellore District, Tamil Nadu
Anthuvan Reclin, V Sethuramalingam
Developing Aids Awareness among Adolescents in India
A Srinivasacharlu
The Influence of Hobbies on Self-Efficacy and Resilience Among School Students
Bharathi Suresh, Sruthi Suresh
Family E3 is Equal to Mental Health of Slum Children. (Fe3=MHSC)
J Sujatha, Meena Kumari
An Overview on the Effects of Unsatisfied Psychosocial Needs on the Mental Health of School Children
Sunu Merla
Effect of Technology and Media in the Thought Process of a Student
Swathi Suresh, Bharathi Suresh
A Study on General Self-Efficacy Among Adolescent Orphan Children Living in Orphanages
N Ushanandini, M Gabriel
An Examination of Self Esteem among School Going Children of Alcoholics
V Sethuramalingam, S Vennila, S Rama Gokula Kirshnan
A Study on Attitude Towards Pornography among Adolescents
N V Xavier Vinayaraj, J O Jeryda Gnanajane Eljo
Self Restraint among School Going Children of Alcoholic Fathers
V Sethuramalingam, S Vennila, S Sathia
Mobile Phone Practice among Higher Secondary School Students
S Vijayalakshmi, K Mohanasundaram
A Study on the Relationship between Home Environment and Adjustment among School Students in Chennai City
M Vithieeya Abinaya, S Akshaya, Kavitha Dhanaraj