ASH Volume 6 Special Issue 1 September 2018

September 2018 – ISSN: 2321-788X

Data Storage and Progression in Cloud Computing and Its Enhancement for Real-World Applications
N Nandhini
Link Stability Based Secure Path Selection Scheme for Manet
T Sophiya
Maximizing Network Lifetime of Wireless Sensor Network
M Santhosh
Researching Methodology Towards Future Challenges of Internet of Things and Its Applications
M Shalini
Correlation Quality Measure for Microarray Tricluster
C Sentamil Selvan
Energy Efficiency and Prevention of Packet Dropping Attacks Using IDS Scheme in MANETs
K Palanisamy, M Manikannan
High Performance and Fault Tolerent Techniques Used to Improve the Data Processing Performance in Big Data
K Arulkumar
Choosing a Collaborative Filtering Algorithm for E-Commerce
A Muthulakshi
Prevention of Cooperative E Black Hole Attacks and Emerging Efficient in MANETs
T Ramya
Feature Analysis of Big Data Usage in Different Platform
R Stalin
Finding Attackers Details to Solve Security Issues Using Honeypots Technique
S Thanigasalam, M Savitha Devi
Pattern – Growth Methods for Frequent Pattern Mining
S Abirami
A Scheme for Detection and Prevention of Packet Drop Attacks is Wireless Sensor Networks
J Sathya
An Integrated Set of Web Mining Tools for Research
D Aravind
A Survey of Fault Tolerance in Cloud Computing
R Archana
An Assessment of Density Effects on MRI Brain Images Using Lossy and Lossless Coding
S Devipriya
Mobile Computing
R Kalpana
Cloud Computing: Security Issues
R Manigandan
Advanced Computer Network
E-Commerce with the Security Techniques of Visual Cryptography and Text Based Steganography
V Sangeetha
Trust Node Identification Scheme for Manet
V Sarasu