Economics Volume 2 Issue 1

December 2013 – ISSN: 2319-961X

Fluctuations in the Exchange Rate of Indian Rupees with U.S. Dollar
N Muthu
Performance of Onion Production in India
S Theenathayalan, J Devika Rani
An Analytical Study of Inter District Variation in Quality of Life in Tamilnadu
R Annapoorani, S Sudha
A Study on Customer Satisfaction towards Fast Food Retailers in Madurai City
V Karthigiselvan, M Senthilrajkumar
Tourism as an Instrument For Sustainable Development in Kerala
O Shiji
Study on Connecting Urban Transportation through Small Buses in Tamil Nadu
S Rajendran
Growth of Small Scale Industries in India During Pre and Post Reform Period –An Analysis
S Theenathayalan, S Sharmeelabanu