Economics Volume 3 Issue 4

September 2015 – ISSN: 2319-961X

Factors Influencing Rural Entrepreneurs for Managing Enterprise
S Karthikeyan, Sriichakkraverthi
Performance of Life Insurance Business in the Post Crisis Period
H N Devanand, T Rajendra prasad
Growth of Spices Exports of India after New Economic Policy
K Vennila
Regional Growth of Agricultural Sector: Potential and Performance
N Saravanakumar, C Navamani
Service Quality in Super Markets: A Study of Consumers Satisfaction in Apparel Retailing
P Asokan
Agricultural Labours and Wages Recent Trends in Rural Employment in India
P Thirupathy, T Ravisankar
Consumer Decision Process in on Line Buying
S Ramamoorthy
Impact of Micro Credit on Poverty (With Special Reference to Villupuram District)
V Leela