Economics Volume 5 Issue 3

June 2017 – ISSN: 2319-961X

An Analysis of Capital Investment and Competition for Artisans of Handicrafts Industry in Bangalore District
P Mansa, T Ramanathan
Trade Relations between India and Japan
K Jayalakshmi, V Ramesh Babu
Stress in Healthcare Industry – A Review Study
N Poornima, V Kumaravel, P N Raghunathan
The Idea of the Welfare State According to Ze’ev Jabotinsky
Daniel Galily, David Schwartz
Industrial Disputes in India – An Analysis
R Rathnamma, T Rajendra Prasad
Core Service Quality in Tourism in Ramnad District
R Mohammed Fathima, L P Ramalingam
An Analysis on Supply of Water in Tamil Nadu
M Chitra, B Laxmi Kanta
Major Health Care Programmes in Karnataka