Economics Volume 6 Issue 3

June 2018 – ISSN: 2319-961X

A Study on Impact of Foreign Trade in India in The Post Liberalisation Era
A Gopalakrishnan, A Mahalakshmi

A Causal Relationship between Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth in India
A Gopalakrishnan, M Suresh Kumar

A Trend Analysis of Area, Production and Yield of Groundnut in India
J Gayathri

Is the Monetary Policy Transmission to Bank Lending Rates in India Efficient? A Comparison between Public Sector Banks’ (PSBs) Median Benchmark Interest Rates and Repo Rate during 2011-2017
D Anil Raj, N Ajithkumar

A Study on Impact of Demonetization on Increased Use of Plastic Money- with Special Reference to Coimbatore District
G Viji

Service Failures and Recovery Strategies in Retail Banking: A Study in Madurai City
Harris T Rajan

A Study on Economic Feasibility of Medical Tourism in Apollo Hospitals, Chennai
M Vincent Sahayaraj