Economics Volume 6 Special Issue 1 November 2018

Novemeber 2018 – ISSN: 2319-961X

Revisiting the Growth and Development Strategies in the Context of Environmental Issues
B Pradeep Kumar, Mothi George
Green Plastics: A Necessity towards Sustainable Environment
R Ramya
Impact of Natural Disasters on Common Man – A Case Study of Coorg District (Karnataka)
Gurudath Shenoy, Suresh Babu
Population Ageing and Work Participation in Kerala
Rinu Jose
Determinants of Solid Waste Segregation among Households in Calicut City Corporation
C A Rejuna
Development Issues of Tribal Population: A Study among Paniya and Kurichiya Tribal Communities
K T Sony Thilakan
Coir Industry: Trade Reforms and The Export Performance
K K Raseena
Development Strategies in India Concerning Education and Healthcare Corporation
B Kalaiyarasan
Socio – Economic Impact of Female Emigration from Kerala – A Case Study of Mallappally and Kumbanad Panchayats
J Priyadarsini
Integrated Farming with Special Reference to Summarland Farm Veliyam, Kollam
Soumya Viswambharan, S Swaroopjith
A Study on the Effects of Flood 2018 on Public Education with Special Reference to Ernakulam District
Veena Jayan
Rejuvenation of Water Bodies in Kerala-A Case Study of Kanampuzha River at Kannur District
T Jijikumari
Domestic Migrant Workers in Kerala and their Socio Economic Condition
S Arya
Role of Ecofeminism in Environmental Protection
S Saleena Beevi
Demographic Changes and Replacement Migration in Kerala
P Praveenkumar
Health Care Challenges in Kerala
P S Anumol
‘Digital Revolution’- A Re-Structured Banking System
C P Resmi
Emigration to South Africa: A Recent Hub for Opportunities to Indian Youth
A S Anishkumar