Education Volume 6 Special Issue 1 December 2017

December 2017 – ISSN: 2320-2653

Challenges Faced by Preschool Teachers in Dealing with Children with Special Needs
Aishwarya Sezhian
Quality of Education For All: An Economic Analysis of Need to School Infrastructural Facilities in India
V Arockia Amuthan
Introducing Effective Approaches in B.Ed Curriculum for Qualitative School Education (Thematic Study)
S Catherene Nithya, D M Delgin Rubavathy
Quest for Quality Education
F X Dominic Royce, S J
Policy Perspectives of Gross Enrolment Ratio in Indian Higher Education towards Human Resources
S Irissappan, E Ramganesh
Educational Aspiration among Higher Secondary Students in Madurai District
N Jayapriya
Criteria for Quality in Higher Education
N Kothai
Higher Education Students’ Awareness Towards E-Governance in Learning Management
L Muthuselvi, E Ramganesh
‘Curriculum’ a Criteria for Quality Education
S Pichaipillai
Studio Teaching: Perspective and Priorities as a Tool for Teaching Chemistry
P Sajeev, K V Vijina
Quality Education- A Thirst of the Indian Learners
D Sophia
Deep Ecology: Implications for Teacher Education
A Srinivasacharlu, M Shanmugam
A Critical Overview of the Environmental Awareness of the Teachers of Higher Education
R Vijaya
A Study on Effectiveness of Teaching English Grammar to VIII Standard Students
A Aarthi, B Aarthee
Student Teachers’ Perception on Effective Teaching
V Geetha
Writing a Foreign Language Versus Creative Writing:
Hemalatha S Naik
Role of Education in Dyslexia
S Jassima Banu, N Faridha Begam
A Study of Process of Growing Up and Reproductive Health Knowledge among Adolescents
M D Jayadeva
A Study on Teacher Effectiveness of Prospective Teachers
T Jayagandhi
Right to Education Act: Perception of Primary Teachers in Madurai District
B Kannan
Virtual Learning Environment (VLE): An Innovative Learning Place
T Kavitha
Role of Assistive Technology in Promoting Quality Inclusive Education
R Kezia
A Comparative Study of Professional Ethics of Secondary School Teachers Working in Madurai
S Mahdoom Ariffa
Assertiveness and Academic Achievement of Students of Engineering Colleges Studying in Madurai District
M Maruthavanan
A Research Study on Quality Maintainance in Colleges of Education in Madurai District
C Meenakshi
A Study on Teacher’s Attitude Towards Inclusion of Students with Special Needs in Madurai
H Nihumathunnisa
Treating and Educating the Children with Autism
G Pradeepa, K Varshinie
Impact of Globalisation in Education
M Roja, S Firthous Fathima
Role of Education for Visual Impairment
P.Ruthra & J.Mansurya
Leadership Style among High School Teachers in Madurai District
C Shirley Moral
How to Standardize the Research Tool Correctly? – The Answer
K Suresh
Research Park in Educational Institutions – Why?
R Vendhan
An Impact of Demonetisation on Common Man
B Amali Prabha
Roles of Teachers in Multicultural Classrooms
Catherine John Kennedy
Issues and Challenges in Higher Education
S Christy Epsibha
Visualization Techniques: A Boon for 21st Century Learning to Provoke Quality Education
K Kumaresan
Quality of Teaching and Learning in Education
A C Lal Kumar
Attitude towards Professional Development of School Teachers
M A Muniammal
Psychological Principles: A Tool for Enhancing Teaching and Learning
P Pachaiyappan
Attitude of School Teachers towards Professional Status
R Prasitha Indhumathy
Emerging Knowledge Society’s Search for Identity
Saidalavi Kundupuzhakkal
Criteria for Quality Education
P Saranya
Resolving the Problem of Understanding Physical Landforms among VIII Standard Students through Overlapping Technique
D Shiyamala
A Study on Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Job Satisfaction (JS) among Primary School Teachers in Thanjavur District
R Sivannatham
Learning Styles among XI Standard History Students in Salem District
C Subbulakshmi, G Dhanammal
Classroom Climate among Higher Secondary Students
C Subbulakshmi, A Javeed
Association between Academic Achievement and Select Values among X Standard Pupils in Madurai District
C Subbulakshmi, V Suganya
Occupational Choice of Higher Secondary School Students in Madurai District
K Thangavel
Enhancing English Language Spelling Skills among Primary Level Students through Language Games
S Usha
Professional Aspirations among B.Ed. Students in Madurai District
K Vellaichamy
Type and Nature Wise Analysis of Classroom Management of High School Teachers
A Vences Cyril, S Prakash
Self Directed Learning: The Ultimate Learning Style
M Kolanchiyappan
Attitude of B.Ed Trainees towards Flipped Learning
C Muthukrishnan
Role Of Metacognitive Strategies in Developing Creative Thinking
S Sumithra
The Level of Mental Health Among B.Ed Students in Madurai
P Sophiamesalina
Innovations Related to Teacher Education in ICT
M Sutha
Enslavement of Whatsapp Instant Messaging among College Students in Madurai
S Anbalagan
‘சிறுவர் இல்ல மாணவர்களின் தற்கருத்து” ஓர் ஆய்வு
தி ரேணுகா தேவி