Education Volume 6 Special Issue 1 February 2018

February 2018 – ISSN: 2320-2653

Learners and Teachers as Learners for Quality Education
G Antoni Sagayaraj, R Sahayamary
A Study based on the Implication and Its Successfulness of Environmental Education in Schools of South Bengal
Arnab Chowdhury, Jayanta Mete
The Application of Fishbone Diagram Approach for Improving the Poor Academic Performance in Secondary Schools
J Arunkumar, T Gnanaprakasam
Easy Way of Teaching Mathematics to the Children with Hearing Impairment
V Balashamilyrajath, M Uthra
“A Positive Impact of using Technology in Education System”
Billa Raja Rubi Kishore
Personalised Learning Strategy in Open and Distance Education
N Saranya Devi
“Essentiality of Quality in Education System in Present Scenario”
K Gangadhara Chary
An Economic Analysis of Educational Gap to Marginalized Groups in India
S Henry Pandian
ICT (Information and Communication Technology) Literacy among High School Students
K Jagadeesh
Value based Education for Students
J Jeyamathi
Quality of the Teaching Workforce – A Criterion for Quality Education
J Johnsi Priya
Innovative Techniques in English Language Teaching
K Malini, C Janakavalli
School Students Attitudinal Impacts towards Inclusive Education among Higher Secondary Level
R Kohila Devi
Childrens with Special Needs and Quality Education
L Lynette Antonitte D’sylva, P V Yashini
Co-Operative Learning Strategy and Academic Achievement in Mathematics among Secondary Level Students
H S Manjula
Attitude towards Discipline among the Higher Secondary Students
R Meenakshi
Teaching and Learning using Technology
R Meenambigai
Information and Communication Technology in Education: Use of ICT in Computer Science Teaching
D Naga Chitra
Multicultural Issues Related to Education
N Nishalini, M Sakila Banu
Inclusive and Quality Education for Children with Special Needs
G Ponselvakumar, S Alaguraja
Analysis of Psychological behaviours and Challenges among the B.Ed Students of Theni, Tamilnadu
M Prabhu, N Selvakumar
Facilitating Web Resources for Teaching and Learning Mathematics at School Level
R Rajkumar
Innovations and Best Practices Related to Education
S Santhi
Enhance of Multimedia Teaching in Zoology
R Selvaganesan
Co-Operative Learning
M S Shashikala
Innovative and Best Practices Related to Education
V Subbuguruvammal, N Nagalavanya
Approaches to Environmental Education
C Subbulakshmi, J Sumathi
Impetus of Reciprocal Teaching in Quality Education
N Vijayalakshmi
சிறப்புத்தேவை உடைய குழந்தைகளும் கல்வியும்
சௌ ஜெயப்பிரியதர்~pனி, த முருகேஸ்வரி
Perspectives of Information and Communication Technology in Modern Education
R Annadurai, R Azhagu Ganesan
Policy Perspectives on Quality Education
M Alangara Stella Ruby
Criteria for Quality Education
C Subbulakshmi, K Kalaivannan
Attitude of Student Teachers towards Western Culture in Sivagangai District
D Murugesan
Multicultural Issues Related to Education
P Sarumathi
Solo Taxonomy Leads to Higher Order Thinking
D Packiam, M Parimala Fathima
Criteria for Improving Quality Education
P Jeyalakshmi