English Volume 3 issue 1

Decembe 2014 – ISSN: 2320-2645

“Chetan Bhagat’s Art of Characterization in Revolution 2020”
Kanna Muthiah
Encounter Group- A Study on the Deterrent Women in Shobha De’s Snapshots
R Vijayalakshmi
Dr. Faustus Christopher Marlowe
M D Thirukkumaran
The New Woman Tara: A Study of Bharatimukherjee’s Desirabledaughters”
T Sathya Kala, R Chitra shobana
Ontological Study of Women in the Select Works of Anita Desai and Shashi Deshpande
T G Akila
The Position of Women in Arundhati Roy’s the God of Small Things and Anita Desai’s Clear Light of Day’
M C Subhashini
“Know What to Hold on to, What to Discard” – A Study on Namita Gokhale’s “The Book of Shadows”
V Thamil Selvi
The Sufferings of Dalits in the Selected Novels of Mulk Raj Anand
S Nagarajan, K R Venkatesan
Cultural Concerns in Bharati Mukherjee’s Jasmine
M P Ganesan