English Volume 6 Issue 1

December 2017 – ISSN: 2320-2645

Socio-Feminine Aspects of Women in Shashi Deshpande‟s Novels
S Gopinath
Potrayal of Characters: A Study of Chinua Achebe‟S things Fall Apart
T Veeraswamy, N Shivapavan Raj
E-Platform: A Boon for Teachers and Learners in 21st Century
B Komuraiah
Issues in Translating Ellipsis with Particular Reference to the Tamil Classical Cankam Purananurupoem – 191
K Syed Ali Bhadhusha
The Follies and Failure of The Post-War Generation in The Fiction of Scott Fitzgerald
S Sureshkumar, S Leela
The Theme of Individuals and Most People in E.E.Cummings – A Study
K K Lakshmi
A Revolution in English Language teaching with Novel Innovations
Susila Victor
Oral Tradition- A Promising Area of Comparative Literature Reference to Assamese “Dakar Bachan‟
Montu Saikia
Slavehood to Womanhood
Chitra Sivasubramaniam
Wordsmitheries in Advertisements: A Stylistic Study of Select Amul Adverts
B Aarthy Priya
Sentiments and Cultural Conflicts in Bharathi Mukherjee‟S Novel “Wife‟
V P Malathi
Critical Thinking Skills: The Cinderella of Soft Skillsin Indian Engineering Colleges
Dileep Edara
Nora and Girija – The Real Face of Twentieth Century Women
M Cinduja Kohilavani
The Oppresed World and the Opressor- Oppressed Relationship in Toni Morrison the Bluest Eye
V Brinda Shree
Importance of Communication in Business Administration
Arul Theresa Ramya
An Existential Reading of Paulo Coelho‟S Novel, The Alchemist
Javeed Ahmad Raina
Transnational Belonging to “The Namesake”
M C Subhashini, K N Sharmila
Orienting the Orientation of Critical Theories
S Udhayakumar
Diasporic Consciuosness in Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni‟S The Mistress of Spices
P Nainar Sumathi