Management Volume 1 Issue 3

January 2014 – ISSN: 2321-4643

Research in Knowledge Management: A Literature Review
V Kumaravel, P Vikkraman
A Comparative Study on Equity, Commodity, Currency Derivatives in India – Evidence from Future Market with Special Reference to BSE Ltd, Mumbai
S Revathy, V Santhi, T Sathesh Kumar
Customer Satisfaction in Modern Retail Sectors
S Ramanath, G Ravi Shankar
Tourism Industry in India: Augmentation and Collision
J Balan, P Mahalakshmi
A Study on Consumers’ Buying Behaviour in Retail Outlet
R Menaka
Sudeep B. Chandramana
Improving Public Financial Management in India:
Opportunities to Move Forward

R Seenivasan
A Study on Working Capital Management of Nagarjuna Herbal Concentrates Ltd.
G Kalaiamuthan
Consumer Behaviour Towards Purchase of Television Sets
M Muthupandi
A Study on Customer Satisfaction in Hotel Industry With Special Reference to JC Residency, Madurai
S Usha, K Mohan
Industrial Downturn Hampering Production Oriented Small Scale Industries of Tamil Nadu-A Study
O M Haja Mohideen, J Vijayavel