Management Volume 2 Issue 1

July 2014 – ISSN: 2321-4643

Professional Stress Management
A Kalaimathi, M Fatima Jessy
Modern Methods of Performance Appraisal
R Sundhararaman, N Sumathy, A S Manikandeswaran
A Study on Entrepreneurship Education and Its Importance for Social Inclusion in India
Mr. S. Ilayaraja
R Menaka
Analysis the Various Problems and Prospects Associated with the Mutual Funds Industry
M Veeraselvam
Tourism Industry – A Multidimensional View
T Kannan
Educational Administration Key Contributing Factors
Isola Rajgopal
Human Resource Training and Placement
N Ramachandran
Cultural Competence
A S Chellameena, S David Amritha Rajan
Managing Workplace Stress
V Selva Subashini, S David Amritha Rajan
Patient Care and Maintenance of Records in A Hospital
B S Madhu Nisha