Management Volume 4 Issue 3

January 2017 – ISSN: 2321-4643

Impact of Psychological Factors on Entrepreneurial Behaviour – An Empirical Study
N L V N Raja Sekhar, P Srithar
Lean Six Sigma in Human Resources
R Sindhya, P Vijayalakshmi
Brand Selection Attributes of Women towards FMCG Products
V Raji, V Darling Selvi
Assessing the Effective Leadership Skills among it Professionals in India
R Perumal, R Arul Rajan
Quality of Work Life among Female Nurses in The Kottakkal Region, Kerala
Hania Hanif, S Manimaran
Sharpening the Mind and Seasoning The Heart Developments in Community Colleges in India
S Xavier Alphonse S J
Personality Development among Senior wing NCC Cadets in Madurai City
V Kamarasan
Study on Consumer behaviour on Service Quality
N Rajasekar, S Saravana Kumar, V Vidya Chellam
Celebrity Endorsement: A Strategic Promotion Perspective in Female Skincare Products in Triuvarur District
D Jegadeesh Shiney, T Paramasivan