Management Volume 4 Issue 4

April 2017 – ISSN: 2321-4643

A Study on Customer behaviour in Homeopathy Drugs Marketing
S Amutha
A Study on Auditing with Reference to Service Firms
P S Venkateswaran, A Sabarirajan, G Abinaya, R Ambrin Jeshima, S Lingeshwaran
Demonetisation: Impact on Investments and Economy – An Evidence from Indian Economy
B Thirumoorthi
A Study on Investors’ Attitude towards Preinvestment Decision Making
C Rajalakshumi, L Manivannan
A Study on Young Mothers Attitude towards Baby Powder at Madurai District
S AmshaLekha, S Sekar Subramanian
Work Life Balance of Employees and Its Effect on Work Related Factors in Nationalized Banks
S Sathya Dev, S John Mano Raj
A Study on the Problems of Marketing of Korai Mats (PAI) in Tirunelveli and Thoothukudi Districts
K Archunan, G Gurusamy, S Raju
Perception of Policyholders about Importance of Life Insurance Corporation of India As A Marketing Factor
T Paramasivan, S T Anand
Framing Right Business Problem Statements
Geetha Swaminathan, R Magesh
Emerging Face of Stock Exchanges in India
R Ragavan, S Ayyanyar
Adaptive Information Resource Management in Libraries: New Challenges for the Information World
A Victor
A Comparitive Study of Various E-Tailers Among Users in Madurai City
S Usha