Management Volume 5 Issue 1

July 2017 – ISSN: 2321-4643

Financial Performance of Peringandoor Service Cooperative Bank
G Veerakumaran, A Bimit
Public Investment Awareness towards Stock Markets
E Gopi, V Joseph Paulraj
The Origin Role of Women Police in India
V Rajeswari, A Alagumalai
Role of Information Technology in Indian Retail Banking
R Satish
A Study on The Marketing Strategies of The Cisco – Online Store
K Archunan
Impact of Demonetization on Various Sectors & The Economy
M Durgarani, R Gokilavani
Work Place Stress: Causes, Effect and Coping Strategies
M Muthuchitra
Individual Spirit at Work in The New Business Paradigm
D Jaichitra
A Study on Women Entrepreneurs’ Development in Vellore District
R Dharmaraj, P Parameswari
The Characteristic Features of The Unorganised Street Vendors in The City of Madurai – A Study
M Mahadevan, Well Haorei
Role of Price Consciousness on Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)
N S Shibu, R Kalpana
Decision Making Pattern in Equity Market -An Economic Analysis
P Mathuraswamy, G Shoba
Measurement of Profitability Liquidity and Dividend Progress of Select Steel Companies in India- A Discriminant Function Analysis
M Krishnamoorthi, P Venkatesh
A Study on Factors Affecting Adoption of E-Banking in India
G Dileep
Demographic Analysis of Supply Chain Technology Adoption in Apparel Industry
G Dileep
Socio, Economic, Cultural, Technological, Ecological and Distribution Problems for Fishermen Families with Special Reference to Nagapattinam District, Tamilnadu Coastal Areas
K Mohamed Jasim, T Paramasivan
Impact of Emotional Intelligence for Organisational Betterment Specially in Healthcare Sector – A Review Study
N Poornima, V Kumaravel, P N Raghunathan
Store Patronage: An Extension of The Theory of Planned Behaviour
S Catherine
A Study on Customer Satisfaction on Jewellery Purchase In Vellore Dt, Tamil Nadu
R Dharmaraj, R Nirmala
Mutual Fund Selection Process – with Reference to Equity Funds
R S Balasenthil
A Study on Passenger Satisfaction towards GOVT & Private Sector Bus Services with Special Reference to Thiruvannamalai District in Tamilnadu
R Dharmaraj, M Malarkodi
A Study on Selection Process Mutual Fund – With Reference to Balanced Funds
T C Suryanarayanaprabhu, K B Santhosh
A Study on Organisational Citizenship Behaviour in Banking Industry
S Vignesh Kumar, S Rajarajeswari
A Study on the Influence of Socio-Economic Factors on Quality of Work Life Perceptions among Self-Financing Engineering College Teachers in Tiruchirappalli District
S Shanmugam, P Subburethina Bharathi
Hr Practice is Becoming More and More Challenging D Day by Day
Allam Joseph Praveen Kumar
A Study on Brokerage Income Contribution by Investors
R Akila
A Study on Conditions Essential for Implementation of Deming’s Principles in Paper Industries
M Vijay Hemalatha, N Rajasekar