Management Volume 5 Issue 2

October 2017 – ISSN: 2321-4643

Ethics in Administartion in “Silappathigaram”: A Contemporary Prespectives from Classical Literature
C Swaminathan
A Study on Motivational Practices For inducing Employees’ Innovation
Vaneeta Aggarwal, K Balaji
Review of Literature on Dividend Determinants in Banking Sector
R Ananthi, R Geethalakshmi
Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) Model When The Demand is Price and Time Sensitive Using Preservation Techniques
H S Shukla, M A Siddiqui, R P Tripathi
A Study on Consumer Behaviour towards Website Factors in Online Shopping
M Vidya, K Dhevan
Factors for Entrepreneurial Start-Up Among WOMEN in Tamil Nadu
S Gnanasaranya
How Service Quality Dimensions are Influencing Rural Consumers’ Satisfaction Level towards Mobile Services in West Bengal?
Debarun Chakraborty
Emotional Intelligence and its Impact on Job Performance
A Vanitha
A Study on Customer Satisfaction Analysis of Sales and Service at Royal Enfield, Chennai
M Vinoth, K Mohamad Jasim, K Santhana Lakshmi
A Study on Organizational Culture and Employee Morale with Special Reference to Selected Private Sector Companies in Ranipet
R Dharmara, J M Venda
A Study on Employee Job Satisfaction at Covenant Consultants
N Padmavathy
A Study on The Association between Advertisement and Brand Loyalty For Home Appliances in Madurai
S Saravana Kumar, N Rajasekar
Growth and Magnitude of Higher Education System in India
S P Sankari, P R Shini
Attribute towards Agricultural Product in Coimbatore
S Sowmya
Segmenting Online Shoppers: A Study on Consumers Perception towards Purchase of Clothing From Online with Reference to Chennai
V Vinu Chakravarthi, G Veeramani
A Comparative Study of Selected Organized Apparel Retail Stores in Tiruchirappalli City
A Aldrinsridhar, P Subburethinabharathi
An Analysis of Social Charactertics of Women Entrepreneurs in Coimbatore City
V Pushpalatha
Risk, Redemption and Investor Awareness: An Empirical Investigation Among Tiruchirappalli Mutual Fund Investors Using Fuzzy Ahp Approach
N Sathyapriya, G Rabiajahanifarzana
A Study on Distribution Channel of Aachi Products at Aachi Group
N Thangavel
Brand Extensions: Factors Influencing Consumer Decision Making
S Swapna
An Overview of Strategies in Marketing
V Revathi, D Harris Kumar
An Overview of Remedial Education Provided by The Eduction Institutions
Y Prasanna
Perception of Star Hotels with Reference to Nilgiris District
M Umamaheswari
Career Decision Self Efficacy of Higher Education Management and Business Students in Tamil Nadu
R Sivakumar, G Alex Rajesh
Indian Luxury Car Market
V Maria Kanagarajan, D Ramkumar