Management Volume 5 Special Issue 4 April 2018

April 2018 – ISSN: 2321-4643

A Study on Post Purchase Behavior Regret in Online Shopping
N Srujana, K K Preethi
A Study on the Application of Six Sigma–Dmaic on Business Process Services
Diana Erudiyanathan
Transformational Leadership: An Empirical Study of Employees Working in Different IT Companies
Y Venkateswara Rao, G Srirekha
Noise Reduction in Powder Coating Plant through Aqua Silencer
M P Shreyas, P Rajeshwari, Prettysha Curtis
Improve in Production Using Quality Tools to Reduce the Wasteage of Milk and Milk Products
M P Shreyas, G Rajendra
Implementation of Lean Manufacturing Practices to Achieve Progressive Development in Automobile Industries
Siddharth Shekhar, G V Prabhushankar
Impact of Consumer Delight on the Sale of Jewellery Products: A Study
S Muniraj
Simulation of Pert Network and it’s Validation
K T Ramesh, Medini Shastry, Nayeem Nizami, Nnamya Malhotra, B Sriram
Faculty Survey Conducted for Developing A Software Package for Outcome Based Education
K T Ramesh, A Ronak, K K Sai Prashanth, Suhas H Shivogi
An Impact of Key Market Risk Encountered by the Leading Indusrties ITC and Hindustan Unilever Ltd: Analysis and Comparison
H M Hemalatha, Chethan, S Venkatesh
A Study on “Non-Government Organisations: Problems & Remedies in India”
S Suma, R R Rajeshwari, V Vivek
Corporate E-Learning Initiatives: Review and Research Frameworks
Raghu Naika, P S Yadapadithaya
An Empirical Analysis on Asset & Liability Management in Tumkur Grain Merchant Co-Operative Bank-Tumkur
Pavankumar G Kulkarni, S Baskaran
Need and Benefits of Knowledge Management in B-Schools
K S Anil, Shubha Muralidhar
A Study on Employee Understanding of Talent Management Strategies in Software Companies with Special Reference to Chennai City, Tamilnadu”
G K Kavitha, N Mohan
Digital Landscape to Make India Go Green
N Chaithra, N Amruta
Effectiveness of Social Media in Recruitment Process at Deutsche Bank, Bangalore
Susheela Devi B Devaru, Keerthi Kadam