Management Volume 6 Special Issue 1 October 2018

October 2018 – ISSN: 2321-4643

Consumer insight towards Electronic Shopping in Paramakudi Taluk of Ramanathapuram District in Tamil Nadu
M Meganathan, M Magheswari
Security Issues in Mobile Banking
G Athidass, K Alamelu
Sketching of Gender Impact on Buyer’s Remorse –A Case of Digitalised Marketing World
T Devasenathipathi
A Study on Digital Marketing for the Business
P Balakrishnan, S Nasar
Marketing and Social Media
M Saranyamani
“A Study on Impact Digital Marketing in Industry in India”
R Manikandan, S Mohamed Hussain
The Study on Consumer Preference towards Flagship and Flanker Brands of HUL and P&G
S Raj Kamal, A Udaya Nandini
A Study on Digitalization in Banking Sectors
M Prabha, J Mohamed Azarudeen
Digital Services of Indian Banking Sector – A Study
S C B Samuel Anbu Selvan, N Vivek
A Study on E-Commerce and IT Impacts on Global Trend Market
A Ebinesan
E-Business Technology on Online Digital Marketing – A Study
S Nazeer Khan, A Peer Ismail
A Glimpse in Revolutions of Digital Banking
I Reyastheen, J Mohamed Kani
Online Marketing: Challenges, Opportunities and Effective Strategies
P V Muthu Perumal, T Susma
A Study on Customer Satisfaction towards Credit Cards with Special Reference to Private Sector Banks in Madurai District
M Prabhu
The Role of Information Technology in Business Success
P R Subramanian
Strategic Issues in Managing Technology and Scientific Developments
K Indhu
A Study on the Effectiveness of Email Marketing
Subramania Bala Jeshurun
Social Media as Tool of Marketing
M Matheena, K Rasith Riswan
Digitalization in Manufacturing Sector
D Ponmani
A Study on Digital Marketing
N Mohamed Sirajudeen, V Janani
A Study on Digitalization in Marketing Mix
M Mohamed Sabeek Musthafa, J Sheik Sahabudeen
A Study of E-Commerce
S Mohamed Rizaludeen, A Arshath Ali
A Study on “Online Retail Marketing”
E Nafeza, R Vidhya
“A Study on Consumer Protection in e-Commerce Environment in India – Issues and Challenges”
D Sulthan Basha, B Parthibamani
A Study on Impact of Social Media Marketing Trends on Digital Marketing
S A Shamsudeen Ibrahim, P Ganeshbabu
The Role of Information Technology in the Business Sector
S Mohamed Nowfal, S Manoj
A Study on Online Marketing
P Sugimala, S Ahamed Nuzaira
A Study on Social Media Marketingin Kamala Das’s My Story
S Jafar Musthafa, S Mohamed Hasman
Study on Digital Marketing
T Nithya Devi
Astroturfing Marketing –In the Age of Engage Offline, Converse Online
M Fowzia Sultana, S Sahul Hameed
Social Media Marketing: Advantages and Disadvantages
M Ameer Arsath
Marketing and Social Media
B Arunkumar
A Study of Online Marketing
H Mohamed Nayeem Haqdar, U Ulageswaran
E – Commerce
J Mohammed Thihas Ali, R Thangavelan
Advantages and Challenges of E-Commerce Customers and Businesses: In Indian Perspective
K Aswini, S Bama
A Study on E-Commerce
M Mohaideen Pasim, S Mohamed Moosa Ibrahim
Online Marketing
S Muhilarasan, T Kabil Raj
The Impact of E-Commerce on Business Concern
S Kamalakannan, CS Edhayavarman
Challenges for Digitalization in Occupational Safety in Manufacturing Industry
A Ayyanar, N Umadevi
Digitalization Leads to Digital Business
R Ruthramathi
A Study on Digital Marketing
K Jagan, M Naga Arjun
A Study on Social Media Marketing
M Al Mahroofa, M Al Hamdiya
Digital Marketing
S M Jasima Parveen