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At Shanlax Research, we offer you a hassle-free working environment and ensure 100% customer satisfaction. We've help you to achieve your academic goals for 34 years with our experienced working team. The unique services of Shanlax Research is, you can schedule your appointment via phone or email, and complete your thesis work remotely through email. No need to travel or waste time commuting. We'll dispatch your finished book directly to you through a reliable courier service, saving you time and effort. We specialize in Anna University Ph.D. thesis. We take your privacy seriously and implement secure file management practices to protect your work.

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Crafting a thesis demands precision. Our experts work closely with you to align every section of your thesis, ensuring it meets the highest academic standards.

Dissertation Alignment

Our team of experts experienced in alignment adopts a holistic approach to aligning your dissertation, project, or thesis. They ensure your dissertation is flawlessly aligned from the introduction to the conclusion.


Whether a research project or an industry-focused endeavour, our alignment services ensure your project is impeccably structured and aligned with your goals.

Diversity of

Shanlax offers alignment services tailored for various academic projects, including dissertations, projects, theses, and more. No matter the scope or complexity, our team will equipped to align your work effectively.


Our email/phone service facilitates efficient collaboration between you and our team of experts. Share your work, receive feedback, and implement revisions seamlessly, ensuring a streamlined alignment process.

Stringent Quality

Shanlax employs rigorous quality checks at every stage of the alignment process. We guarantee that your project meets and exceeds the academic standards of institutions and the scholarly community.

Why Shanlax?

100% Satisfied Customers

Expertise Across Disciplines

Our diverse team brings expertise across various academic disciplines, ensuring your work aligns with the specific requirements of your field.

Time-Efficient Solutions

We understand the value of time in academic pursuits. Our services are designed to provide efficient and timely alignment without compromising quality.

Confidentiality and Security:

Your academic work is treated with the utmost confidentiality and security throughout the alignment process.

Ready to Align Your Academic Project Online?

Don't let geographical barriers or time constraints hinder your academic progress. Trust our Shanlax Online Personalized Alignment Services to elevate the quality and coherence of your dissertation, project, or thesis.

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